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  1. I said, “FALL IN”, not “LOG IN”! Now get all those ICONS covered down and aligned to the right, Private!!!

  2. Private, you’d better win this week’s Broadside caption contest or I will P.T. you until you freakin’ die!

  3. BarefootSerpent on

    “Private! If you don’t get that SPAM filter working, the mess sergeant will have to keep feeding it to us until it’s all gone.”

  4. bravesfan4187 on

    Your in deep water now Sir, by clicking “reply to all” your little joke has gone all the way to the top!

  5. Private who said you could LOL? You will not laugh, you WILL NOT CRY, You’ll LEARN BY THE NUMBERS, I WILL TEACH YOU!!!!

  6. All I’m telling you is that I did NOT have an “Air Force Rulz” screen saver when I logged off and it better not be there when I get back.

  7. Go over to supply and get a cordless mouse and keyboard; that way you can stay on top of your work here while you’re forward deployed.

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