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  1. Despite the change in tasking from the original Caribbean patrol, the crew wanted to make the best of their new liberty port.

  2. Chaplin, don’t you have to be in the water to baptize us? Don’t worry; I’ll be there with you in spirit my son.

  3. Gentlemen, we are standing on the edge of existence just like the dinosaurs in the Ice Age and that piece of ice represents the stimulus package.

  4. I couldn’t really tell if he’s asking us to join him or he’s asking for help? there’s too much bubble coming out of his mouth.

  5. Guys I know the Skipper said “Swim Call” but i think its just a figure of speach. We really dont have to go through it… Really….

  6. The PFA swim alternative never caught on with the submarine crew, but every year the new guys try to get it going again.

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