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  1. BarefootSerpent on

    “Private Murphy, this is what happens when you quote Murphy’s Law to your drill sergeant!”

  2. Don’t you ever click your heels and say there’s no place like home. Son, you are a Marine, and wherever the Corps sends you is your home! Do your understand?

  3. Okay! Okay! You’re right Gunny, the digital cammies don’t work that well…but if you must choke me, my neck is down here.

  4. Gunny you really should consider that anger management class because I am running out of body parts for you to break everytime I’m late for work!

  5. Becoming a Drill Instructor requires a lot of practice….(GRUNT TEETH) “I said choke yourself! Now lean forward and choke yourself!”

  6. “I hope this is the last bootlace inspection you’re going to put us through, Sergeant Myopia.”

  7. Re-enlistments are at an all time high due to the economic recession and some good ole’ retention techniques.

  8. A classis case of PCSD (Post Civilian Stress Disorder):

    When under duress, Gunny was known to have flashbacks to his previous life as a jackhammer operator.

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