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  1. Sent via email Oct 30th at 11:36 am by Jeremy Hall:

    *whispered* “PSSssstt… What’d you get for “President”?”

  2. The two Marines realized it really didn’t matter….they’d still be deployed longer than the winner would be President.

  3. Even in a year where we aren’t excited by either one of the choices…..God bless America, where our leaders are chosen with ballots, not bullets!!!

  4. Sent via email Nov 3rd at 3:19 pm by CMDCM(AW/SW) Richard Hay:

    “After defending America’s freedoms’ – we get to exercise them as well.”

  5. Pssss, Who are you voting for? It doesn’t matter with the senators and congressman that we have now, it will be the election of 2012 before the goverment gets anything done.

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