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  1. As he came to understand his place in the food chain, SA Jones began to regret all those “McFish Sandwiches” in his past.

  2. Scott Stroman on

    Shortly after the start of his first open-ocean dive, the young BUDS trainee came to yearn for the peaceful days of “Hell Week”.

  3. Private Partz on

    Tonight on the new CBS celebrity reality show: Jessica Simpson goes scuba diving and learns which one’s the fish and which one’s the chicken.

  4. Sergeant Haddock, an avid outdoorsman, mistakenly thought he was going to Canada when he applied for a lucrative position in the Great White North.

  5. After many years of aimless searching, Larry was finally getting that razor-sharp perspective on the important things in life.

  6. Since drug smugglers are switching to using submarines, there has been a minor change in the use drug sniffing animals.

  7. As practical jokes go, swapping the lenses in Bob’s goggles so that everything looked 10 times smaller didn’t make the Top Ten Funniest list.

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