“They fought like warriors”


I received a reference to this story in an email, and was transfixed as I read the report of the recent battle in Kunar province, during which a small number of American and Afghan troops fought against overwhelming odds. Nothing I could write would add to the account, so I invite you to read it in its entirety here: Soldiers recount deadly attack on Afghanistan outpost.

To complement the report in Stars and Stripes, Jeff Emanuel, a self-described combat journalist, gives the rest of the story. He writes how the mainstream media briefly mentioned the attack, but their interest quickly faded and what’s worse, they failed to give a full account of the heroism of those brave soldiers who fought against 20-to-1 odds. See his article here: “An Alamo with a different ending.”

Heroism is a quality that should be trumpeted for all to hear. Our country exists because of it, and will continue to be the greatest guardian of liberty in the world because that quality persists in our troops today.

These soldiers are our heroes of the week.


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