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  1. Somewhere, in the deep recesses of his memory, CDR Jones recalled an unfortunate seaman who was never able to get the blueberry baby puke stains out of his whites.

  2. Scott Stroman on

    CDR Smith’s progress in transitioning the idea of “fatherhood” from theory to reality was suddenly halted by the question, “What’s that smell?”.

  3. Scott Stroman on

    The full impact of that romantic weekend in Ensenada before deployment was only now being realized.

  4. Scott Stroman on

    As he recalled the old saw that “You’re only required for the laying of the keel, not the launching of the vessel”, CDR Jones suddenly realized that there had been no mention of the 18 year-long upkeep and maintenance period.

  5. CDR Fearless has commanded big ships and exercised authority over a great number of personnel, but this one scared him.

  6. Sent via email July 29th at 10:26 am by STGCM John Costner:

    Honey, remember that big surprise I was telling you about after our mid-deployment visit? Well, here it is.

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