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  1. Having missed Sweepers duty, Seaman Jones attempts to hide the dust bunnies in the passageway before the XO comes around for inspection.

  2. BarefootSerpent on

    The ship’s mess officer promised to never again combine Burrito Night with Habanero Hot Sauce Night.

  3. Sent via email July 17th at 10:13 am by HM1(SW) Ryan Saunders:

    “Thus began…and ended the new Winter Wonderland Social on the ship.”

  4. Scott Stroman on

    It was only an unfortunate coincidence that had the evening fire drill held in the CPO Mess on “Flaming Beef Kabob Night”.

  5. The fire was out but Fireman Oblonk was sure a baby Polar Bear had just fallen off a melting iceburg.

  6. Smn Smith suddenly remembers that this was a drill and that Chief Johnson is going to be ticked… when we can find him!

  7. Frank.Paradise on

    The fateful day that Seaman Timmy didn’t get the word of the Skipper’s “Wardroom Cigar Night”

  8. I hate being the new guy! If I can just get this space filled with CO2 I can leave this Fire Watch and get on that Mail Bouy thing.

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