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  1. Private Partz on

    Famous last words: “Wow, these civilian jet fighter ride-alongs are great public relations for the Air Force, but all these controls look so complicated. What does this EJECT button do-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o?!”

  2. Sent via email April 17th, 5:49 am by John Meacher:

    “Man, I’m still feelin’ those bean burritos from last night! How about you, Ace? Ace???”

  3. Scott Stroman on

    LTJG Jones had a sudden feeling that his NATOPS check ride wasn’t going well.

    ( I call a “do-over”)

  4. This one will rate right up there with,”Go get me the keys to the HUMVEE” and “find me 50 feet of filopian tubing”.

  5. This is the last time I bring the “Squadron Commander” on a routine flight. Damn desk jockey’s……

  6. I said “Check” not “Eject”. Roger…Over!!!…
    flight, my reel has a real problem…..

  7. Damn, I hate to become a “Nugget” again….., Well there goes those 8 years of flight school, but I thought my “SAT’s” scores was high enough to become a doctor in a third world country. Guess NOT!!!!

  8. Are you looking at me, are you…(Quit.. day dreaming) I told you to get the milk and rest of the groceries… Do you feel like you are to good for us. Do you….

  9. LTjg. Smythe (aka Snake), the plowback instructor pilot, was really beginning to dislike midshipmen orientation flights.

  10. I keep telling those guys what will happen if they eat that kind of stuff before a flight, but they never believe me!

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