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  1. Your from Idaho! The only things that come out of Idaho are potatoes and cartoonist, and I don’t see any potatoes.

  2. This is your lucky day, son. The only thing that makes this drill sergeant madder than a recruit wearing a yellow shirt is a recruit wearing a shirt with a number on it.

  3. We have three simple rules:
    1. Ya’ll volunteered,

    2. This is MY Marine Corps until you prove yourselves,

    3. “Why” is not a word in the Marine Corp dictionary.

    Now lets all have some fun!

  4. Ok recruites here is a litttle known fact: I am the only person in the world to ever make Chuck Norris cry! AM I GOING TO HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOU!

  5. Recruit, I don’t care that mommy always said “There’s no such as a stupid question.”, cause guess what…THERE IS!

  6. spacecadet12364 on

    AWWWW RIGHT, you MAGGOTS! Which one of you Chesty Puller wannabe’s reappropriated my SAMOAS out of my Girl Scout cookie stash?!? Cookie season doesn’t come again until SPRING! Lemme check those pieholes for evidence!

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