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Gary Sinise and Laura Hillenbrand

Where does this guy get his energy? Actor Gary Sinise, in addition to acting full time on a popular TV series, is also an active supporter of several veteran organizations, supports and visits troops with the USO, is working to establish a monument to disabled veterans in DC, and recently founded Operation Iraqi Children, an organization that spreads goodwill at the grass root level. Check out his sites – I especially like his “Good News” section on the OIC site.

That sinking feeling. For those of you who work in the wastewater world, this is your worst nightmare (AP).

The document upon which our country was created is invaluable. Copies of that document ain’t cheap either. (USA Today)

In the “yeah, right” category, a Maryland woman claims to have been saved by her dog when he gave her the Heimlich maneuver. (Or was is HeimLICK?)(AP)

China to root out the no-loads. China has a problem – some of its workers don’t work, but are still getting paid. Sounds like some of the jobs I’ve held. (AFP)

Man caught floating toward Niagara Falls on a chunk of ice – says he fell asleep on an air matress while resting, “…and the next thing he knew he was on the river.” Let’s break this down. What better place to lay down for a nap than on a big chunk of ice along the Niagara River…in March…at night…on an air mattress? Media sources say he, “…might have been trying to get to the United States when the ice chunk he was on broke loose;” he was heard screaming for help about a mile and a half from the border and about 25 feet from shore. Apparently, he is a Spanish citizen, and had once lived in the U.S. before being kicked out. Canadian officials are holding him, and consider him a float risk. (Reuters)


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