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Videos aren’t just for jets any more! The submarine force has come onto the scene with some videos of its own. Check them out. (1 min) [youtube][/youtube] (3 min) (No music, but pretty good production) [youtube][/youtube] (2:32) [youtube][/youtube]

Nah, it’s still there. It’s deep down inside all of us. Denver [youtube][/youtube] Cape Cod [youtube][/youtube] (Not sure where this is, but watch it all the way through) [youtube][/youtube]

“The Coast Guard’s official history began on 4 August 1790 when President George Washington signed the Tariff Act that authorized the construction of ten vessels, referred to as “cutters,” to enforce federal tariff and trade laws and to prevent smuggling.” ( In his wildest dreams, I doubt President Washington could envisioned the incredible feats the Coast Guard is accomplishing today, or the capabilities of the awesome service he unleashed. Happy Birthday, Coastguardsmen! [youtube][/youtube]

“The US naval base at Ulithi was for a time the world’s largest naval facility.” (George Spangler, Warbird Information Exchange) Sixty years ago, in September of 1944, the U.S. landed at a remote volcanic atoll called Ulithi, part of the Caroline Islands archipelago in the western Pacific. Its mission: to “provide a fleet anchorage and an air base to support half of a night fighter squadron, a light inshore patrol squadron, a pool for a maximum of 150 carrier replacement aircraft, a utility squadron, and staging facilities for transport aircraft.” ( Facilities to support the fleet were included in the…

As the Memorial Day week winds down, let us remember once again those men and women who died to give us – and to preserve – everything we have. We can never repay them; we can never ease the pain of their families. But we can remember them and honor them; not only in our thoughts and prayers, but in the way we live our lives every day. [youtube][/youtube]

I have seen cruise videos, but have never seen one like this. This short video trailer (the longer version has not yet been released) has begun to go viral, and when you watch it you will see why. It doesn’t hurt that it also features shots from my old ship, the mighty USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73). Go to full screen and crank up the volume. [youtube][/youtube] Thanks to Michael for sending me the link.

A. I am afraid of heights B. If I get a workout in the gym, I consider that a major accomplishment These are from the website videolous, and what you are about to see is amazing. One was not enough for me, so I included two of them (click on the images). Each takes about ten minutes and both will get your heart pumping. (If you only have time to watch one of these, watch the one with the motorcyle.) Don’t do any of this stuff at home – or anywhere else, for that matter!

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