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As we approach the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War (April 30, 1975), I invite you to watch this nine minute video featuring several veterans who describe what it was like when they came home. What a shameful way to treat those who served. The bright spot of the narratives, if there is one, concerns friends and family who appreciated the sacrifices their loved ones made.

(USMC photo – 1968) Here are a couple of videos that show our troops in action in Vietnam. This one shows the two American worlds: riots at home while our troops continued to serve their country in far away lands. River boats, door gunners and the Mekong Delta (I think) Thanks for your service, and welcome home.

I’m going to take a break from Vietnam this week to show a few videos to celebrate Valentine’s Day (coming up this weekend). First are two marriage proposals that fall into the category of, “Why didn’t I think of that?” There must be something about football fields. Love. Love for our families, our sweethearts, our home. It is why we fight.

Here are a couple of music videos I haven’t seen before that are pretty well done. Semper Fi! This one took a lot of organization and editing…plus some practice! I kind of like the spirit in this one. Making lemonade out of lemons…

It is Christmas eve. We snuggle with loved and bask in the glow of affection and the glow of a warm fire. Far, far away thousands of Americans are on the front lines or deployed in unfamiliar and unforgiving waters, wishing they were home. This video sums it up pretty well.

Maybe it is because I am in the nation’s capital and rode on the metro today through Arlington National Cemetery. Maybe it is because all day today we talked about veterans and the qualities they possess. I don’t know. But tonight I stumbled upon this now-older video that not only encapsulates what the American troops are, it also brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. I have posted it before, but it has been a while. The men and women who are spoken of are still out there, serving proudly. The spirit described in the words has…

This is a good video of the incredible Blue Angels. Pump up the volume. If you’re at work, plug in the headphones and THEN pump up the volume. [youtube][/youtube]

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