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It is a day that is seared into our brains, and we are all different because of it. Personally, it has dominated every day of my life since, and I am no different than millions of others who will say the same. Many men and women will suffer wounds and injuries for the rest of their lives from the wars that were to follow. Families will continue to grieve the loss of loved ones – lost on that day or in the years to come. It was a day of horror and unimaginable sadness. We were at once vulnerable and…

It is still considered one of the iconic moments in American history. The ceremony ending World War II took place on September 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay aboard the battleship MISSOURI (BB 63) – chosen as the site of the surrender in part because she was Admiral Halsey’s flagship, and in part because Missouri was President Truman’s home state. It brought an end to a brutal war, and it was hoped that peace would endure – especially after the world had experienced so much bloodshed, destruction and horror. General MacArthur said at the conclusion of the ceremony, “Let us pray…

This video was sent to me by Michael, a Navy veteran. I just love the spirit of these two veterans as they wait at the airport. You can just visualize them at a USO center back in 1941. Click on the image below to watch these guys live it up. They deserve it. Thanks, gentlemen, for your service and spirit!

This video was put together a couple of years ago. It looks like the originator borrowed heavily from recruiting clips, but I think he/she did a great job of combining good action with a compelling sound track. Check it out (2:52). It will fire you up enough to get you through the rest of the work day! Here is another video, this one from 2011, with powerful music and some inspirational words from three former Presidents (4:00).

One of the most emotionally draining movies to come out of the Vietnam War was “We Were Soldiers”, based on the novel by Joe Galloway and Hal Moore (Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment) similarly named “We Were Soldiers and Young.” In this video, Mr. Galloway describes the admiration he has for the veterans of Vietnam (7:40). (Sent by Cliff, a Vietnam veteran and good friend)

My career coincided almost exactly with that of the beautiful and storied F-14 Tomcat. I stumbled upon this excellent video of the F-14 and thought you might enjoy seeing it in action again. I know I did.

If you have ever been stationed in Norfolk, Virginia (the world’s largest naval base) or spent a lot of time there, you will really enjoy this video. It was written by local artist Skye Zentz, and the video shows a lot of familiar scenes in the Tidewater area. There is also an animated version of the same song if you prefer that to real people. [Sent to me by Kathy]

Holy kamolee. This video snuck up on me. Sent by Navy veteran Michael last week (I just got around to reading his email), it features a Navy Commander’s message that he sent to his mother for Mother’s Day. Apparently it went viral, but it is the first time I saw it. Watch it. It will hit you on several levels. The sacrifice he describes, by the way, is shared by thousands of other mothers and spouses throughout the military.

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