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In case you won’t be online on the 4th, here’s something to help you reflect on the beauty of our great country as we near its 231st birthday. Our men and women in uniform, past and present, sacrifice for us every day – never forget that, and never forget them. [youtube]2-iqtLRyY-U[/youtube]

If you like “The Office” and “300” (Check. Check.), you’ll really like this parody. [youtube]8wpa2Qplm8M[/youtube]

You won’t believe this guy. As a member of the “artistic community”, I am in awe. [youtube]OIJtKxdRQzY[/youtube] Another great story was sent to us recently. Click on the flag for a real feel-good story about an artist in Utah. .

The original, classic Budweiser ad… [youtube]ikkg4NobV_w[/youtube] The Navy version… [youtube]6kE3dei4HPk[/youtube] The puppet version… [youtube]OHCcTWTsntM [/youtube]

Everyone needs a little culture now and then. This is sort of a CliffsNotes version of art class. These videos were sent to me and I think you’ll enjoy them. Women in Art -This video has been making the rounds through email. Trust me…you’ll like it. [youtube]nUDIoN-_Hxs[/youtube] Starry Night – I’m not a big V.V.G. fan, but this is pretty nice. Several version are floating around (click on the painting).

It’s time. This is one weird video, and has attracted millions of viewers around the world. The dancer is a big name in Baliwood, or so it’s rumored. [youtube]KVuIBpJ6B4E[/youtube] Now watch the take-off. [youtube]1bMJvSuEUgI[/youtube]

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