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Starting the gas turbines at the beginning of an eight month deployment is always tough. Winning caption by Kirk Benson Honorable Mentions: Henry B. Suter III: After going through extensive computer based training, Petty Officer Smith starts up the reactor for his very first time. Ray Young: If I don’t watch, I can honestly say I didn’t see who pushed the button. ezyrdr57: Eeenie, meenie, miney, MISSILE!!

Joe could’ve sworn he left John and the transport system right in this spot. Winning caption by Michael Zeiber Honorable Mentions: Scott Stroman: Shortly after the start of his first open-ocean dive, the young BUDS trainee came to yearn for the peaceful days of “Hell Week”. Ray Young: Shared thought bubble for both characters: “LUNCH!!!” JeffOD: When Billy’s psychiatrist told him he must confront his fears, she probably didn’t have this in mind. Timothy Sisson: I am a Navy Diver, Not a SEAL.

There was a reason the Platoon was warned never to wake the Gunny. Winning caption by KirkBenson Honorable Mentions: Is that what they meant when they said the moon looks bigger in the desert? (submitted by mike) Some tattoos were never meant be seen…EVER! (submitted by Sierra Caddis) Noticing a strange glow coming from the tent, Corporal Smith discovered the light-weight depleted uranium bullet-proof vests weren’t completely depleted. (submitted by JeffOD)

“That digi-camo really brings out your eyes.” Winning caption by Jon West Honorable Mentions: Fifteen years and one-too-many jelly doughnuts later, Lucy didn’t quite feel the same way about Charlie Brown. (submitted by JeffOD) We’re goin’ to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, and when we dance, I’m gonna’ lead!!! (submitted by Scott Stroman) The last time Major Smith was ever called Sir. (submitted by Kirk Benson)

Despite the popularity of steel beach picnics with the surface fleet, they never caught on with the sub fleet. Winning caption by EM1 Matt Selter Honorable mentions: There is nothing like submarine duty in Hawaii. (submitted by KirkBenson) Identify the cross-decked aviator in this picture. (submitted by velomaster) When tech reps ride submarines (submitted by Frank Grandau) Man I miss the Russians. (submitted by jdwest1)

Just when Commander Stern thought he’d finished with duty on the poop deck … Winning caption by Steve Hatley Honorable mentions: The CDR had finally met somebody he could not order to do anything!!! (submitted by jmuniz) (thougt bubble) — “Don’t Show Fear. Don’t Show Fear. Don’t Show Fear.” (submitted by Ray Young) Welcome home, dear. His diaper needs changing. (submitted by Michael Junge) Yikes, she does look like me. (submitted by Andy Kraft)

The ship’s mess officer promised to never again combine Burrito Night with Habanero Hot Sauce Night. Winning caption by Steve Hatley Honorable mentions: The Fire Chief was not pleased with Seaman Smith’s overreaction to his lit cigarette. (submitted by Pat) It was only an unfortunate coincidence that had the evening fire drill held in the CPO Mess on “Flaming Beef Kabob Night”. (submitted by Scott Stroman)

“I’m thinking we need to check our own fuel samples for the next couple of weeks….” Caption by Scott Stroman Honorable Mentions: A game of Chicken gone bad… (submitted by Lcuy) ABH3 Smith now realizes what bugs feel like on the windshield of a car…. (submitted by Barbara Smith) Perseverance Award: When the Ensign volunteered to be the “Eyes In the Sky”, he truly did not comprehend the true meaning of it. (submitted by Mike – three times)

As he did it, Jones wondered if he was saluting the man, the shirt, the soda, or the ice cream. Winning caption by Ray Young Honorable mentions: When you breath Sir, it looks like the flag is waving. Submitted by Mike Good afternoon Skipper. I’ll see you on Monday at PT. Submitted by Kirk Benson

Anybody have a light? I can’t quite read the instructions. Winning caption by Michael Zeiber Honorable Mentions Nothing good has ever come from the words “Hey, y’all watch this!” – submitted by Ron Two words: “Corpman UUUUUUP!!” – submitted by minggee109 The EOD team finally figured out what to do with their MRE’s. – submitted by Pat

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