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Much like their careers are about to do, Corporals Jones and Smith watch the Corp’s birthday cake slide into a bad place. Winning caption by John Manly, CDR/USN (Ret) Honorable mentions: tizzyhill: The Commadant wanted his cake and to eat it too. WXMAN: The NCOs were out of gatorade, so they improvised. Belasarius: The Navy, not invited to the party, joins the Marines in celebrating their birthday with a few steering casualty control drills.

“Psst….whats the answer to number 1?” Winning caption by SSgt Josh Strang Honorable Mentions: Timothy Sisson: The one place to stand out, even in Camo CMDCM(AW/SW) Richard Hay: After defending America’s freedoms – we get to exercise them as well. WXMAN: “Hey, You know this is the only time we can pick our boss.” Ray Young Says: If they’re not Marines, how can they be qualified?

The life of a lactose-intolerant designated driver that hates baseball. Winning caption by Kevin Ramey Honorable mentions: mjunge: Joint duty is tough…it’s even tougher when Army plays Navy. Scott Stroman: Watching “Survivor – Silicon Valley” was the last straw….Gunny vowed never again to party with the I.T. crowd. The Nostradamus Award goes to… Untamed: Identify the Rays fan.

Thank you for volunteering, the flight leaves for Iraq in 5 minutes. Winning caption by Rich Norton Honorable mentions: Ray_Young: To better support our troops, you have each been re-assigned as NMCI Tech Support agents. Scott Stroman: Keep in mind that those of us from the INSURV Board are here to help you… Frederick Atienza: “I am not an admiral, but I play one on TV…”

To no one’s surprise, CDR Crocker was no longer the #1 skipper in the air wing. Winning caption by Kirk Benson Honorable mentions: Ray_Young: Failing Chief Selection three times in a row had a negative effect on Petty Officer Greer’s career prospects. Scott Stroman: The canapes, finger sandwiches and punch were big hits but everyone passed on the cake……… bohica1369: Next time on – Ensigns Gone Wild! And a reluctant nod to: Sierra Caddis: Rebecca told Jeff that he no longer had that hard-body physique, but he just wouldn’t listen!

Coming soon to a theater near you – “Grambo: The retirement years.” Winning caption by Steve Hatley Honorable mentions: Scott Stroman: When the Gunny WANTS a toothpick, the Gunny GETS a toothpick…. CIWS Chief: I’ve cut it off THREE times, and its STILL too short! BillyJoeJimBob: “There! Now Jeff will never have to worry about slicing another golf ball into the trees,” says a loyal “Greenside” reader. (How could I pass THIS one up?)

The slimy polliwogs among ships’s company sensed they were about to experience the “Mother Of All Shellback Initiations”. Winning caption by Scott Stroman. Honorable mentions: CIWS CHIEF: “Broadside” artist mounts a hostile takeover…U.S. Navy has his back! (How could you NOT like this one?) Sierra Caddis: They said we might encounter pirates off the coast of Somalia, but this is ridiculous!

2 hours and 25 minutes and counting. Winning caption by William Black Honorable mentions: Scott Stroman: Gunny Jones figured he’d have time for a quick lunch, a run to the Exchange, and a car wash before the next two nuggets had a turn. Ray Young: There are days when even a Marine Gunnery Sergeant thinks about quitting. nixrtkl: My retirement begins in 5, 4, 3…

In order to deter Elmer Fudd’s increasing hostility, Bugs Bunny acquires a Marine escort. Winning caption by CM1_Zeb Honorable mentions: KirkBenson: The ground war has taken a new twist. mindcell1: The men were quite surprised by how literal the warning was that there might be a ‘Mole’ in their unit. Scott Stroman: Don’t stop him yet….another ten feet and he’ll find the latrine! dadnav1: LCpl Smith demonstrates (the) low crawl during Escape and Evasion

Motorcycle by: Harley-Davidson Weapon by: Browning Attitude by: “The Corps” Winning caption by Ray Young Honorable Mentions: Scott Stroman: News Brief: The Auto Club reports that the number of reported rear-end accidents caused by tailgating are significantly down in the Middle East. mncmbabcock: Stealth attack bike – The bark of a Harley at 60mph totally covers the sound of the .50 cal. being fired. Whale: Marines’ idea of ”Designated-Driver” Whale: Retired-Servicemen’s Neighborhood-Crime-Watch

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