Author Jeff Bacon

Lou Bacon 1944 The following is an excerpt from the Dedication inside my second cartoon book, The Rest of Broadside, published in 1998: A large part of the joy we feel in living comes from those with whom we live: our spouses, our friends and our families. I have been blessed with a wonderful, beautiful wife who, for reasons unclear to me, has allowed this cartoon hobby to continue for fourteen years. She brings me more happiness than I deserve. [Our little family has since grown to include another beauty – our happy and delightful daughter.] Like many of you,… These few days in June represent two great battles in WWII – the Battle of Midway and the Normandy Invasion, better known as D-Day. It is special for my family because my father joined the Navy on June 6, and a few years later married my mother on the same date. This week gets me thinking about the sacrifices so many have made in serving our country, including the latest generation of warriors, some of whom are finding new purpose through the Wyakin Foundation. I enjoy watching the organization’s short videos from time to time to remind me that…

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