Broadside Black Friday


I am in uncharted territory. Having tried my hand at being a Sailor and a cartoonist, I am entering a new phase.

I am now a merchant.

With a new book out (Underway with Broadside, my fourth book), I am trying my hand at selling online. The store is small now, but hopefully will grow over the next few months to have more good stuff you can buy.

Right now you can get two books at Underway with Broadside and The Rest of Broadside (my second book). We hope to eventually produce more copies of the other two books too, but that will come later.

For Black Friday, I have added some sweet deals, including signatures on all books for free, and a reduced price for personalized notes. And if you buy three books (any combination), you get the fourth for free! So get your shopping done all at once for the whole Navy family. The site is at

Not to grovel…OK, I am groveling…I would be personally grateful if you would pass this note around to your friends who have any sort of a Navy connection. Thanks!


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