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Today was a good day because as I drove around, every song that came on the radio was a killer. I rocked out to the Rolling Stones and got mellow with the Eagles. I turned it up when they started playing Motown, and I sang along because I actually knew the words – something that doesn’t happen much nowadays.


As I enjoyed the moment, it occurred to me how important music is in our lives. It can make us happy; it can make us sad. It can lift us up when we are down, and take us back to those special, personal moments that meant the most to us.


Like the time I detached from my ship in Hong Kong. I had rented a Chinese dhow to sail around the frigate one last time, and with my soon-to-be wife by my side, my best friend played the theme song from Raiders of the Lost Ark over the ship’s external speakers. It was a special moment for me, made even better because of music.

I thought of those things as I drove along, listening to happy tunes and feeling good. It was my music. The songs made me feel young and alive.

Then the DJ announced that I was listening to an oldies station.


Which pretty much killed the mood.


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