We are not the fattest!



It almost seems like cheating when I quote Military Times as my source, seeing how I draw and write for them, but this article by Andrew Tilghman really caught my eye: “And the fattest U.S. military service is…

Why did it catch my eye? Because the Army and Air Force people are fatter than the Navy and Marine Corps people! This is cause for celebration and analysis. By looking at the empirical evidence put forth in this study of body mass (and excluding the Marines as “outliers” since everyone already knew they were the skinniest), we can conclude that:

1. It is more healthy to eat auto dog on a boat than MRE’s in the field.
2. Standing in one place for four hours loses you more weight than walking outdoors carrying heavy weapons.
3. Now we know why – besides the camouflage – everyone wears BDUs.


And finally,
4. This study was done by a Sailor or Marine.



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