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If you have ever served in the military, you will know that just about everything can be blamed on the supply department. If you are missing parts, it is supply’s fault. If you lack training, it is because supply failed you. If you did not perform as well as you could have, somehow the culpability can be firmly placed on the shoulders of the men and women in supply.

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What is that you say? Your food doesn’t taste right?

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No matter how hard they try, they will always be accused of living the high life while the rest of us work.

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It isn’t true, you know. They work very hard. In the shadow of the Supply Corps’ 221st birthday, I would like to publicly state that I have known many fine Supply Corps officers, and they all have been completely dedicated to performing their jobs as effectively as possible.

Achieving that lofty status is no miracle. It takes dedication, sweat, and training. Lots of training.

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So even though in the past I have been accused of beating up the Supply Corps, I would like to suggest that we thank the professionals within that storied community for all they do to keep the military machine moving along. When you think about it, it isn’t that they have done anything wrong. It is that they have a bad image.

Maybe they just need a makeover.

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