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On October 7, 2001 America went to war. Still stinging from the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the thwarted attempt that was defeated by passengers of United Flight 93, the country was ready to take the battle to those who started it.

It was not a time of celebration; it was a time of resolve. Fourteen years later, some of our troops are still there, in harm’s way. Operation Enduring Freedom (officially ended at the end of 2014) cost many good lives, and affected others permanently. But it cost the architects of fear much more. Terrorists will never again question whether America has the spirit to take a punch and continue on.

It was a time, in retrospect, of national unity. It sometimes seems as if America is at its best in times of crisis or peril. Americans tend to pull together when things get tough, and because of that they inevitably pull through.

We salute every military member and civilian that participated in OEF.

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