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Some people are made for politics, and some are not. Those who seek public office tend to be extroverts, for one thing. I am an introvert and by default ineligible to run.

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Those who seek the public spotlight like to be around people. They are outgoing and confident.

They are like pilots.

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They also have a tarnished reputation, whether they deserve it or not, thanks to some high profile unscrupulous behavior by some of their peers. Being a military guy, just knowing that some people thought I was sleazy would be enough to keep me out of the arena altogether.

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Plus I could never get past someone calling me a crook on one day, then offering to work on a bipartisan compromise the next. I would take it too personally. Before long I would find myself isolated from the rest, just trying to do my job without all the fluff.

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If I ever did run for office, though, I know exactly the right person to appoint as my communications director.

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With all the other hassles of the job, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about the press.


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