This is my favorite day because it is the only day, really, that I can talk about my true hero. She does not like the spotlight or fanfare, but today I will take the risk.

For thirty years she and I have walked arm in arm through all that life has thrown our way. Joy. Tragedy. Hardships and laughter. But through it all, she has always been there.

You never know who you are marrying, really. It takes a year or two before the protective walls dissolve and you see the real person for who she is. What I found was a woman who was full of compassion, loyal to the core, and born with an unwavering belief in doing what is right.

She cries watching patriotic videos, and when a hymn is sung with the right passion. She laughs at my silly cartoons, even when I know they aren’t that funny. She gives me strength when I am weak, and resolve when I am beaten down. She is a caring and loving mother to our daughter. In all she does, she puts me to shame in comparison.

And she is the most incredible woman I have ever met.


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