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There is no other Navy like ours anywhere in the world, and there never has been, ever. There is no place an enemy can hide that it cannot reach. It deals death and destruction to those who deserve it, while offering protection and salvation to those who need it. It is Gary Cooper in High Noon, standing unafraid and sometimes alone to take on evil forces.

And it wins. Every time.

Its Sailors launch multimillion dollar jets off of heaving decks at night, and they do it over and over again. Its pilots fly combat sorties, then come back again and land on thousand foot runways without being able to even see the cables they must grab, with tailhooks they can’t see either. They even like it.

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navy poster

Its submarines are as close to being invulnerable weapons as weapons can be. They are so good it is almost unfair. They are the Green Bay Packers playing against junior high school football teams. Even WE can’t find them, and they are on our team.

No one wants to see – or get anywhere near – our SEAL teams, except maybe our friends, and even they aren’t so sure.

Our ships refuel at sea while moving, steaming in tandem just a few feet away from each other. And if they wanted to, they could launch missiles that travel for hundreds of miles before hitting their targets at exactly the right time and exactly the right place, all while hooked up to a tanker.

Our logistics experts can deliver a specific part to a specific ship in a specific location in the world in a couple of days, even when bullets are flying. Not even FEDEX do that.

Its Sailors are tough, and smart, and ready to kick the tail of anyone who has a problem with this little experiment we call freedom. They sail away from their families for months on end. They don’t want to, but they do it because someone has to, and they figure, “It might as well be me.” When dark forces threaten and the world anguishes for a hero, they say, “I’ll do it.”

navy life liberty

That’s right, world. It is the best ever. And for those of you who want to do its citizens harm, here is something about the American Navy that will keep you up at night.

It is getting even better.

Happy Birthday, Navy.


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