Casualties in the War on Terror



The wars continue. While news outlets scream their headlines, American servicemen and servicewomen quietly continue the fight on the other side of the world. It is not without consequence.

Since 9/11, over 59,000 men and women have been injured or killed fighting for America. DOD keeps a detailed and very accurate accounting of every one. By clicking on the banner (above), you will see the entire casualty report.

By looking deeper into the website, you will find that in 2014, twenty-eight Americans were killed in combat (three as recently as August), thirteen more died non-combat related deaths, and 368 were wounded in combat (83 in August alone) – all OIF casualties. Think about those numbers. I would bet that half of all people in this country, if asked, would not know that we still have people in Afghanistan at all.

But there are certainly there. The wars continue.

And they need our support – now, and when they come home.


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