Things to cross off the list



As we go through life, we reach a point where certain milestones are no longer possible. For example, I am pretty sure I will never be President or walk in space.

Early in life, ticking those “not possibles” off the list of things you want to do comes slowly, because when we are young, anything is possible. As we age, crossing things off the list goes more quickly.

Professional baseball player
Lawyer (even if I wanted to)
Swimsuit model (technically, never on the list in the first place)

At my current age, I am crossing things off the list so quickly that my hand is starting to cramp up.

Run a marathon
Walk a marathon
Watch a marathon
Play the violin
Own a private luxury jet/yacht/submarine
Play scratch golf
Score 300 in bowling

To the last point, I bowled the other day with my wife and six-year-old. The six-year-old won both games. My wife would have laughed at me, except her score was worse than mine. The low point was when my daughter came out to the floor to show me where to place my feet before approaching the lane. Don’t believe me?


Then again, I bowled with my wife and daughter. That is something to put ON the list. When you think about it, maybe the trick is to add as many things as you line out.

Once you figure that out, there is really only one more thing to scratch off.

Keeping lists of things you’ll never do.


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