Implosion Therapy


As I talked to a buddy on the phone about nonprofit business while simultaneously trying to do taxes, answer emails, and think about something to write about, I absently sketched on a pad of paper.

When I hung up, this is what I saw.


In psychology circles, this would be what they call…well, I don’t know what they would call it since I’m not a psychologist. But in some circles it is called “a tell.” In Navy circles, it is called “losing it.”

I think it has to do with taxes.

With all due respect to the professional, remarkably bright and handsome IRS auditors reading this, taxes are not fun. I don’t know how many years it takes to understand that tossing receipts and bank statements into boxes so they can be “sorted out later” does not make for a pleasant tax preparation experience.

Complicating things, life continues with jobs, emails, phone calls and errands. Today was one of those days when everything happened.


The military trains you to deal with stress. I can deal with stress. But add taxes into the book of worries and before you know it you are drawing a self portrait of yourself losing it.

The medical world has a treatment called implosion therapy, which is “A behavioral therapeutic technique that exposes a client to anxiety-provoking stimuli, through his or her own imagination, in an attempt to extinguish the anxiety associated with the stimuli.” (Glossary of Psychological Terms)

Fight stress with stress.

Doing taxes, then, can actually be beneficial. Maybe at some point, if the stress gets severe enough, I will suddenly feel relaxed and calm, thanks to the IRS.

Thank you, IRS.

Until that happy day arrives, I will continue filling out forms, digging out receipts and trying to keep track of our money.

And hoping I don’t lose it.


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