I’ll be home for Christmas



Seventy years ago this month, World War II was raging. GIs were fighting all over the globe and a simple but poignant song hit the airwaves. It was titled, “I’ll be home for Christmas”, and featured the unmistakeable voice of Bing Crosby. Within weeks of its release it had reached number three on the charts and stayed there for eleven weeks (Library of Congress).

The song told of a Soldier’s wish to be home for the holidays, and it struck a chord with civilians and military members alike.

In December of 2013, that message continues to resonate with the thousands of men and women who are far from home serving their country. On this Christmas eve, it is important to remember those who cannot be with their friends and families during the holiday season.

By keeping them in our thoughts and prayers, in a sense, we are there with them – even if only in our dreams.


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  1. For 70 years no Christmas song captures the soldiers heartfelt longing then “I’ll be Home for Xmas.” Unlike today when service in the military is not shared by most Americans, WWII, when that song was written, was a time when most families had at least one empty chair around the Xmas table. Remembering and thanking our troops who sacrifice so much including being away from family at Xmas.http://wp.me/p2qifI-1W0

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