As a Sailor, there are two things in which I take pride.

Sailing and fishing. It is in our blood.

Soldiers, I would guess, like hiking and shooting.
Airmen like anything that flies, and maybe golf.


Marines like to kill things and mess with Sailors.

I say this because last weekend I spent four days at a lake, and I fished. Not only did I not catch anything, my bobber never moved once. Not once. I did see some bubbles, but I think they came from trout giggles.

So it was distressing when a Marine friend of mine posted this picture on his Facebook page:


His face is blurred; not from any privacy concerns, but because I can’t bring myself to give him credit for the catch.

I told him of my struggles, and asked him what his secret is.

He told me to, “… put a worm on a hook with a sinker and throw it out into the lake”, which pretty much describes every fishing technique known to man. I believe it was Marine double-speak for, “I am not going to tell you, Sailor boy. Figure it out yourself.”

Which confirms my belief that Marines like to kill things (i.e. a huge fish) and mess with Sailors.

I think I’ll go sailing.


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