My own private safari


Ever wanted to go on safari? Yeah, me too, except it sounds expensive.

Then one day, as I was admiring my photos in Facebook, I realized I could go on safari and never leave my couch.

It started when I saw this photo:

safari - Nicholle with gorilla

It is a picture of my daughter (taken by our buddy Meg), which is cute and all (if you could see her face), but the caption says, and I quote:

“IMG_1653 — with Jeff Bacon at San Diego Zoo.”

I didn’t care for the choice of words.

But it got me to looking. There are other animal shots in there. Like this one, taken at Walter Reed:

safari - Jeff walrus

It reminded me of this:

safari - walrus2

Or this, taken in Iraq:

safari - Jeff helmet 2

Most guys look sort of cool in a helmet. I look like this:

safari - turtle

Here’s a pool shot with a bunch of cartoonists in Kuwait (warning – may not be suitable for children, or anyone else in the human race, for that matter):

safari - jeff in pool

If you squint, it doesn’t take much effort to see this:

safari - hippo

Some people may say I have a confidence problem. I don’t think so. I think it’s just a Facebook thing. Because when I turn off the laptop, get off the couch and look in the mirror, this is what I see.

safari - tarzan

Who needs Kilimanjaro? Who needs a photo safari in the wilds of Africa?

I have Facebook.


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