Chaplain Emil Kapaun


Not long ago, President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to the family of Army Captain Emil J. Kapaun. Kapaun was an Army chaplain during the Korean War, and was with the 8th Army during the battle of Unsan, when overwhelming numbers of Chinese troops devastated – almost obliterated – the Army’s 8th Cavalry Regiment. Surrounded by Chinese and told to evacuate, Captain Kapaun refused to leave the wounded troops and was subsequently captured.

In captivity, the Chaplain continued to provide comfort to other Soldiers, even defying his captors by holding services. He eventually succumbed to injuries and died in captivity.

The President’s presentation can be seen by clicking here.

His citation can be read here.

A website in his honor that tells the whole story can be read here.

Details of the battle an Unsan can be read here.

Captain Emil Kapaun is our hero of the week.


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