Making the connection with POWs


It was an interesting and historic week. A reader contacted me to help her find a former POW from the Vietnam War (I’m going to leave out the names for privacy reasons). She had worn his POW bracelet since 1966, the year he was shot down, and wanted to know his fate. After finding him and getting his contact information (he is doing great, by the way, and is now in his seventies), she sent him a note to tell him that she wanted to return the bracelet.

Great story.

Then she told me that her husband had worn a POW bracelet as well, for another American hero who was shot down in 1967. As luck would have it, I had met him and had his contact information at my fingertips. She and her husband reached out to him too.

What makes this story so compelling is that both she and her husband held on to their bracelets for over 45 years as a quiet, humble show of support for those heroes of the Vietnam War. They will finally culminate the personal relationship they began long ago, when they return their cherished mementos to those for whom they were worn.

There are good people on this earth, and four of them just met. They are all our heroes of the week.


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