Fourth and Goal


The clock is winding down and the game is on the line. There had been plenty of time to put this contest away early, but we didn’t get it done. We certainly had the chance. But now, with precious little time left, it is do or die.

Because Valentine’s Day is in TWO DAYS.


It is almost too late to order flowers online, and the local stores are swamped with guys like us. When we had the time to plan it all out we got distracted, or lazy, or we just plain procrastinated. Now, like all the other males in the same situation (latest statistics show that the number of men who put off buying flowers until the last minute is approximately the number of men), we have to improvise.

If you live in Hawaii you have it made – pop down to Waikiki, pick up a tourist lei and you’re all set. But the poor souls in the northern climates (not to mention those who just got four feet of snow in the North East) don’t have that option. The only flowers left up there are in the grocery stores, and by now the good ones (as in, the ones still alive) are all gone.

The only thing sadder than the plight of the late flower purchaser is that of the late card purchaser. If you don’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day, try heading down to the local drug store and watch the parade in the card aisle on Valentine’s afternoon. Nothing but men, all of them grabbing any card with pink in it before they rush out the door to find flowers.

A good friend of mine told me one time that he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. He said it is a commercial creation designed to sell flowers and cards, and he will not support such a cheap and obvious sales gimmick. That really told me a lot about him. He had conviction. He stood on principle.

But mostly it told me the grocery store must have been out of flowers.


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