There’s a storm a brewin’


(Words by Paul, a Navy veteran)

One of the most popular Broadside Moments I have written in recent memory, well, I didn’t write. It was a poem, except it didn’t rhyme, and was called, “The Most Interesting SWO In The World.” It was hilarious and well-written, and like I said, I did not write it. I hate it when that happens.

There is a very funny cartoon floating around out there that was drawn by someone else a long time ago, and about once a year I get a note from someone telling me it is their favorite Broadside cartoon. I hate it when that happens too. But I digress.

Once “The Most Interesting SWO In The World” hit the street, I was informed that the poem originated in a website called SailorBob 2.0. My buddy who sent me the original article said he got it from a LinkedIn site dedicated to Surface Warfare Officers. Since both sites require registering and acceptance into the respective groups, the mystery may never be solved since (a) I am not registered in either group, and (b) I am too lazy to try. I hope the original author eventually gets his or her due credit, though, because the writing is brilliant.

The article has also generated some spinoff comments, mostly from “Sierra Caddis”:

Potential closing comments for the poem:

– Stay angry my friend.
– Stay tired my friend.
– Stay sleepless my friend.
– Stay on station my friend.

And the all time classic:

He slept once, just to see what it was like to be a Supply officer.

(For the record, I didn’t write that either.)


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