The Oscars for people with big noses


The older I get, the more I realize how little we understand about the world around us. Clearly at the top of the list of things people don’t know is that cartoonists have an awards ceremony.

They are called the Reuben Awards, which is cartoon-speak for the Oscars for people with big noses. Or dogs. Or cats. Or other cartoon characters who look funny.

Each year the pro cartoonists from around the country (plus a few foreign artists) travel to one spot to drink beer honor their peers with various awards.

At about this time of year, cartoonists are asked to submit their favorite twelve cartoons for consideration. As a military cartoonist, this can be a daunting task, since the judges are usually not veterans and cannot understand a lot of the vernacular and daily habits we all understand. So our challenge – the ones who draw military-themed panels or strips – is to find cartoons that translate into civilian humor.

So after much deliberation with my dog Angel, here are the twelve I am submitting this year. If nominated, I will drink beer feel honored. If not, I will drink beer happily cheer on the ones who have been selected. Wish me luck.


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