At one with the turkey


They get their heads lopped off, their feathers stripped, and get stuffed into an oven for five hours. That’s a pretty tough lot in life.

Well, I have it tough too, gobble boy. Turkeys don’t have to look at the finished product, smell the aroma, sit down with family and try NOT to eat. Throw in cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy and hot rolls right out of the oven and then try NOT to eat…well that’s downright cruel.

Every year I tell myself that I will eat in moderation. I will avoid the carbs. I will pass on the rolls.

Every year I fail. Human beings are not designed to watch delicious food pass under their noses and not want to stuff it down their gullets. We are hard wired to feast when a feast is available. The aromas alone are enough to drive a person crazy, I tell you.

This year will be especially difficult because (a) I agreed to a weight loss bet with a buddy, and (b) I chose a low carb diet as my method.


So don’t tell me the turkeys are the only ones who suffer. Those of us trying to lose weight are right there too.

Come to think of it, we have a lot in common. For one thing, we all – the turkeys and us – are trying our darnedest to avoid getting stuffed.

And it is important that we all keep our heads when Thanksgiving rolls around.


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