On October 6, 2012 the newest warship was commissioned, bearing the name of a true hero. Michael Murphy, the first military member to receive the Medal of Honor for actions in Afghanistan (and the first Navy recipient since Vietnam), died to save his troops.

USS MICHAEL MURPHY was commissioned in New York, LT Murphy’s home state. His mother was the sponsor. Her son’s namesake is one of the most powerful warships in the world, which is appropriate for a warrior who sacrificed his life in combat.

The Commanding Officer, CDR Thomas Shultz, said in his remarks that his ship is different. Carrying the legacy not only of LT Michael Murphy, but also of the nineteen men who died during Operation Redwing, he is right.

The say ships have souls. In that regard, this ship is not different at all. Because LT Michael Murphy lives on through her.

The Navy has posted the entire commissioning ceremony online. I recommend you watch the whole thing (click on the image below).


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