Cut me


My right knee was injured a quarter century ago, and has always been the bad knee. It was the one I favored, wrapped and compensated for.

Until I injured the left knee.

Suddenly the bad knee became the good knee. It was like the poor fellow who sits the bench all year behind a great quarterback that gets injured. He is expected to strap on his helmet and win the game.

Let’s just say the right knee was no Aaron Rogers.

Now the left knee is about to get cut, to repair a torn meniscus (in a case of incredibly bad timing, we go under the knife on Friday the 13th). The doctor works with the Boise State athletes, so I figure I’m in good hands. I was mildly concerned, however, to read the list of things that could go wrong, a list that included death. (I am not sure what else was on the list since I pretty much stopped reading at “death.”)

The doctor said it would be a piece of cake.

I am sure he is right. I’m just hoping he isn’t the one who wrote the list.


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  1. Jeff,
    Just had mine done 4 weeks ago and although they couldn’t repair mine, the clean out went very well with no complications. Of course the repair would have been more likely if I hadn’t tried to ignore the problem for a year…Good Luck.

  2. Jeff,
    At 22 years old, I’ve had my left knee worked on (meniscus taken out) which was great! 4 months recovery and back to running and sports! Then I have had my right knee done (meniscus repaired, ACL/LCL recon) and that took 1 year to get back to running. It was a great recovery but the meniscus that was repaired still bothers me. Overall, if the surgeon takes out the cartilage, the better! It’s a much faster, nearly painless recovery! If the Navy still thinks I’m good, you will do great! 🙂 good luck in the surgery and don’t break a leg!

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