I got included in a community Facebook forum this week after the tragic death of retired Captain Carroll “Lex” LeFon at Fallon. He had returned to the cockpit to pilot opposition aircraft for training at TOPGUN. At the time of the crash, he was in an Israeli F-21 Kfir jet.

Lex was not only a veteran pilot, he was a well-known and popular military blogger, author of Neptunus Lex.

I did not know CAPT LeFon, but I had been on his site. Living on the periphery of the milblog community, I knew I could never compete with his insight and wit.

Since his death, fans and friends have rallied to give him a fitting memorial. Wakes will be held in at least eleven sites around the country (not real wakes, but memorial tributes, really), and many of the national online sites have mentioned his passing. Even the Secretary of the Navy has issued a statement.

No, I didn’t know him. But they say you can know a man by the company he keeps. And a man who had so many friends had to be one heck of a great guy. He will be missed.

He already is.


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