This time of year it is easy to get caught up in the rush of “things going on.” News anchors shout out the headlines: “The elections!” “The holidays!” “The news around the world!”

Today, however, I prefer to concentrate on one of the quieter things in life. Twenty-seven years ago I fell in love and married my best friend. For over a quarter of a century, my wife and I have walked arm-in-arm through life. We have seen tragedy and triumph. We have comforted each other in time of war, and celebrated together in times of great joy.

When I showed weakness, she bucked me up. When I doubted, she showed a strength of character and resolve that gave me faith again. She became my moral compass and confidant.

I write each week about heroes; today I get to write about her, because she is MY hero.

And after twenty-seven years, I am still in love.


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