Easy Street


No one joins the military to get rich.

Which is a good thing, because as it turns out, you DON’T get rich by being in the military. So now that I’m retired, I think I have a plan to find my way to Easy Street. It’s a sure fire thing.

I heard about a four year old artist in Australia that had her own showing at an art gallery. (You can watch the video here.) Her particular expertise is “modern art.” Now I’m no expert, but whenever you hear about animals (elephants, monkeys, etc.), children, or “out there” artists trying their hand at painting, their choice of style is inevitably “modern art.”

By the looks of it, this little girl (by little girl, I mean her parents) is making a mint. And I thought to myself, “I can top that. I have a THREE year old at home.” It’s a lock.

So far, after much prompting, my daughter has produced this:

It is clearly “modern art”, which increases its value exponentially. I would describe it as somewhere between Picasso and elephant. I call it – that is to say, my daughter calls it – “Amoeba in a hard turn to port.”

Since it is the only published art from her collection, I will sell the original – if I can find it – for the very reasonable sum of only ONE MILLION BUCKS. And if someone is willing to pay that price, you can guarantee I will….find it.

Easy Street, here I come.


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