…And speaking of heroes, meet SSG Eddie Peoples


How’s this for a great story? A Soldier singlehandedly takes down an armed bank robber while enjoying leave with his family in Florida.

The best two sentences in the story: “Every time I get deployed, I always tell my children I’m going to fight the bad men. When I walked back in the bank, my oldest boy said ‘did you get the bad men?’ and I said ‘yep, I got the bad men’ and everyone applauded.” (from myfoxtampabay.com)


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  1. Well I don’t think much of this guy. First he stops a bank robber with a fake gun and gets awarded a Soldier’s Medal. Next the guy goes TDY to the Faces of Stregnth Conference before attending Senior Leaders Course and decides to have an affair on his wife of 12 year that has 4 boys by him. Next this guy comes back from being TDY and ditches his wife and children by sending them back to te USA while he finds an apartment to move into with his new girlfriend. “Dad did you get the bad man?” “No I didn’t son because you’re looking at. him”

  2. SSG Eddie Peoples can’t be a. hero if he decided to ditch his loyal and faithful wife of 12 years after she has put her life on hold and had four boys by him. This guy just kicked his wife and children out of their home in Italy and sent her on a military flight to the Maryland with no way for her and their children to Florida. People say all of the time how they have never seen a man and Soldier so happy to get rid of his family.

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