The uniqueness of the date reminds me that time is moving along. Why, it seems like just a couple of weeks ago it was 1-1-11. But I don’t need a calendar to tell me the clock is ticking. I have my own “tells.”

1. Putting on my old uniforms is an accomplishment, not a tradition.
2. An entire generation has grown up knowing me as “the guy with a shaved head.”
3. Belts hold my pants up in front, but not in back.
4. I avoid photos from the side to avoid seeing “The Chicken Neck.”

Old Days

Old Guy

5. My shoe size is increasing. This could be a middle-age growth spurt, but I think my feet are getting flatter.
6. Pictures of Grandpa used to show me what I would look like some day. Now they show me how I used to look back in the day.
7. One word: muffin.

I could go on, but you can see why I don’t need a calendar to show me time is passing. Talk to me when it starts moving backward.


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