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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I don’t like to talk about gifts, since that’s not what Christmas is all about, plus it’s too personal. But I have to tell you about a present I received this year.

It’s a book.

I don’t like to talk about presents, and I especially don’t like to talk about books. Talking about the books I read reveals too much about my lack of taste and worldliness.

But this one is different. It is from the “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader” series, and this one salutes the Armed Forces. Not familiar with Uncle John? Think “U.S. Military History for Dummies” meets “Reader’s Digest.”

It is full of brief but interesting (and entertaining) facts about the military. Want to know how “Anchors Aweigh” came about? It’s in the book. Who was the last Revolutionary War soldier? In the book.

It’s a fun read and a thoughtful gift. My brother obviously wanted to salute my time in the Armed Forces. It was his way of thanking me for serving our country. That’s what inspired him to buy it for me.


He said it was the “Bathroom Reader” part of the title that caught his eye.

Which is why I don’t talk about presents, and I don’t talk about books.


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