The Marine Corps


They are a different breed, the Marines. They don’t advertise free college, or adventure, or what you can get if you serve. They only talk about duty. About tradition. About following in the proud and noble footsteps of the Marines who came before.

They only promise two things. That you will have to earn the title of Marine, and that if there is a fight to be had, you will fight.

They are the fiercest fighting force known to man. Nothing stops them. Not cold, not heat, and definitely not the promise of battle.

Look at the video at the top of this article. Do General Amos and SgtMaj Kent inspire you? You bet they do. I don’t even know them and I would follow them into battle right now. In their eyes is a sense of purpose and duty and absolute commitment to the Corps. You know they would rather die than bring dishonor or defeat to the country they love. And they are no different than most of the Marines I have encountered.

I met one today at Walmart. He was wearing a “Korean War” ballcap with the eagle, globe and anchor. I shook his hand and reminded him that the battle at Chosin happened around this time of year. I needn’t have bothered. He knew. He didn’t have to say he was there – I could see it in his eyes. He had the same look that General Amos has in his right now.

He was a Marine. And always will be.

Semper Fi, Marines, and Happy 235th birthday.


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