The worst haircut I ever got

(From "20 Years of Broadside")

This is how not to get a haircut.

Don’t go to a barbershop if the barbers are watching Jerry Springer reruns.

And if you do, don’t make a comment like, “Where do all these people COME from?”

And if you do say that, don’t say it while your hair is actually being cut.

And if you do, definitely don’t go to the barber I went to a few years ago. She answered my rhetorical question with, “Well, let me tell you MY story.”

She then proceeded to tell about the break up of her marriage after her husband admitted to many years of living an alternate lifestyle – one that would have fit center stage on one of Jerry Springer’s shows. Heck, it could have made the highlight reel.

By the end of the conversation she was in tears and my hair was in tatters. It was the worst haircut I ever got.

The key to a good grooming is keeping the barber focused on the job at hand, which is to say on the head. The best bet is to just keep your mouth shut.

And if you can’t, then do what I did.

Shave your head and avoid the problem altogether.


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