A Military Valentine’s Day


Sunday is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is different for those in the military family. For many, the day brings with it a bittersweet reminder that their loved ones are on the other side of the world, unable to embrace them or share a quiet moment together.

From a distance they celebrate the joy of the lucky ones – those who are together this year. Their only comfort comes from knowing that some day, soon enough, their loved ones will be home again too.


The military life is one of sacrifice; not only for those in uniform, but for the thousands and thousands at home. Those who wait. Those who worry, listen for news, and pray for their safe return.

Many of them would never believe how important they really are. They don’t realize that everyone serving gets strength from them, that they can stand that much taller because they know someone is thinking about them. That someone cares. That someone loves them.

The spouses, the girlfriends and boyfriends, the families…they are as much a part of the military family as anyone who wears the cloth of the nation.

They are our heroes of the week.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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