A Soldier’s Christmas


Tonight, on Christmas eve, my thoughts wander far away, to those who are serving us. They are there right now, as you read these words. Many are standing watch or on patrol. Some are serving at sea; some are flying over the foreboding terrain of hostile territory. Each of them is a million miles from home.

They are thinking of loved ones they can’t embrace. They worry about their families who miss them, who share their pain of separation.

They are the ones I think of tonight. As I kiss my daughter goodnight, I will think of those who don’t have that privilege because they are out there, on the other side of the world. And I’ll say a quiet prayer for them.

A good friend sent this poem to me, and it struck me as poignant and relevant. It was written by Michael Marks, the son of a Marine. You can read it by clicking on the link at the bottom. Tonight, on Christmas eve, it seems especially appropriate.

lone soldier
(USAF photo)

The poem was written in 2000. It is called, “A Soldier’s Christmas.”


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